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CAD01 Provence Car Mist Diffuser

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Product Description: 

  • Top Air Intake: Different from traditional vehicle-mounted aroma diffuser which adopts a bottom air intake design, Provence Car Mist Diffuser adopts a top air intake, and the mist outlet is smoother. The main engine could be separated from the container making cleaning easier.
  • Water Leakage Protection: The main control circuit board and the water cup are separated from each other, providing effective water leakage protection (Unique design to prevent water leakage within 91 degrees falling range).
  • Large Mist Volume: The water is concentrated and the volume of the spout on the atomizer plate reduced, allowing 5w of energy to generate instantaneous oscillation and create 3million nano drops per second.
  • Simple Operation: Instruction lights show red when in humidifier mode and blue light in diffuser mode; flashing red light indicates a water shortage warning. Works as both air humidifier and aroma diffuser to fully utilize the essential oil at a minimum usage.


Model: CAD01

Size: W7.8 X D7.8 X H15.2 (cm)

Weight: 0.233 kg

Capacity: 100ml