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Bath and Bloom

Oil Warmer (White)

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  • Bath & Bloom burner is inspired by 4 element concept.
  • Such inspiration can be portrayed from a shape of burner representing a mountain sprang from Earth.
  • Water is used on its top for carrying the aromatic scent.
  • Fire is used to warm the water driving the scent dispersion.
  • Lastly, by lighting a fire, we need to have Wind to keep the flame on.
  • This inspiration reminds us that our lives are so closed to nature and connected to such 4 elements.
Let’s experience this 4 element concept through our Bath & Bloom burner and enjoy the ultimate moment with Bath & Bloom aromatic products.

Directions: Pour water into Bath & Bloom burner, apply tea light to warm the water. Drop 5-10 drops of essential oil to diffuser out the fragrance.
Caution: Please refill the water when it starts evaporating. Do not leave the water dry out while using it. Always extinguish the tea light when stop using the burner. This product is made of porcelain and is breakable.

Oil Warmer Set comprises of:
  1. Oil warmer
  2. 4 pieces of tealight candles.