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To Be Calm

Organic Lemon - Single Essential Oil 10ml

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Organic Lemon (CItrus Limon) 100% Natural & Therapeutic Food Grade Pure Essential Oil

Aroma: Fresh Citrus

Organic Lemon is a fresh sharp and refreshing fragrance and a powerful antioxidant. A great multi-purpose oil in the home. For aromatic or topical use.

Purpose: Another great multi purpose oil, can aid allergy management, clarity of thought, good for detoxification and minimising water retention. A helpful cleaning aid as well with disinfectant qualities.

Directions for use:
Diffuse - add 6-8 drops
Topical- 1 -2 drops
Ingestion: Follow guidelines of a medical professional

Avoid direct sunlight if applying to skin.Pure essential oils are very potent - use care and dilute prior to use.

At To Be Calm we are committed to creating an optimal state of mind through the thoughtful use of fragrance and nourishing body products. Whether it be to energise, relax, sleep or simply surround yourself with delightful fragrances to soothe the soul. Enjoy.