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Madera SG

Plush Abby Original 32cm (Sesame Street)

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Abby Cadabby is a fairy-in-training who lives in Sesame Street. Her name is a play on the magic word "abracadabra". Abby's magical abilities include popping in and out of thin air, floating when she's happy, and turning things into pumpkins. She frequently uses her wand cellphone to call her mommy.

  • Take-long Sesame Street Friend: The Sesame Street Friends Plush assortment features favorite characters as small, 12-inch plush toys that are perfect for kids to take anywhere.
  • Cuddly Plush Pal: The Sesame Street Friends Plush Abby Cadabby stuffed toy is made entirely of soft, huggable fabrics and 100% recycled fill. Awesome for anytime snuggles!
  • Inspires Imaginative Play: Preschoolers will love making up stories and Sesame Street adventures with this lovable Abby Cadabby plushie. Pretty Abby has a big, happy smile and is ready to be every kid’s best friend.
  • Collect Them All: Collect all the Sesame Street Friends Plush toys and have a Sesame Street neighborhood block party! Look for Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Ernie, Bert, Oscar, and Abby Cadabby, each sold separately.
  • The Sesame Street Friends Plush Abby Cadabby is ideal for kids ages 3 years and up, and Sesame Street fans of all ages.