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Bath and Bloom

Virgin Coconut Traveling Set

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Virgin Coconut Aloe Vera Gel 35ml x 1
First of a 3 piece set.

This piece is perfect for hot weather. 'Coconut Aloe Vera Gel' is a blend of coconut oil and coconut oil. Aloe vera, cucumber and green tea. Listen to each name and feel cool. It is important for both the body and the face to forget the sun. Followed by this, especially after the sun. Hot flashes and redness will disappear quickly.

Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice*,or Aloe Vera has been used medicinally for several thousands of years in many cultures.

  • soothe skin and serve as an anti-inflammatory
  • scar reducing and wounds healing properties
  • protects the skin from UV damage.
  • excellent cleansing and detoxifying agent, that has ability to remove dead skin cells and toxins while purifying the pores.
  • Aloe also acts as a moisturizing agent. The herb can be an effective humectant, increasing water retention in the skin.
  • It moisturizes skin and also has antimicrobial properties against many common bacteria and fungi.


Essence of Virgin Coconut

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is converted to monolaurin, which helps to

  • kill the germs that cause melasma, freckles.
  • Anti-rash

And most importantly,

  • anti-inflammatory and silicone sun-damaged skin.


Virgin Coconut Shower Cream 50ml x 1
Second item of a 3 piece set.

The cream white texture is a great way to clean skin without leaving your skin feeling dry.

For sensitive or sensitive skin. Guarantee that this piece is made of a mixture of pure coconut oil organic. It is certified by the Ministry of Agriculture of the United States that is free from chemicals and insecticides. Helps dry skin to re-hydrate skin safely.


Virgin Coconut Body Lotion 50ml x 1
Third item of a 3 piece set.

Clean skin and then with a body lotion. This piece has been used for a long time in the big bottle version. This is a true love story. This medium texture is comfortable with hot air. Like to be absorbed into the skin quickly without getting irritated skin during the day.


This scent of coconut baking sachets. There is a little vanilla. The scent of coconut oil is frightening to play the fanatic vanilla we like to go with.


These are the many reasons why you must have this essential set this summer!