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Madera SG

Byla Tongue Drum - 15 Notes 14 Inches

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TONGUE drum (OR SLIT DRUM) - is originally developed in Africa thousands of years ago.

Why is it called a tongue drum?
The steel tongue drum gets its name from the slits cut into the steel to produce the notes.
They are very much tongue-like in shape. Each tongue is unique in length, width, and depth in order to create different notes when struck by a finger pick or mallet when played.

- It is made of Carbon steel (or mild steel) which are commonly used in buildings and bridges, gears, rails, pipelines and cars.
*** Safe and non-toxic
*** Wear-resistant
*** Tone is bell-like:- warm, tranquil & enchanting deep rich notes to start the day with a cheerful morning melody.

Each Byla tongue drum set comes complete with:
*** 1 x sturdy drum bag,
*** 1 x English instruction booklet,
*** a pair of mallets,
*** label stickers and
*** 4 x finger picks