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Bath and Bloom

Crown Jewel Ultrasonic Diffuser (Black Sapphire)

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Bath & Bloom The Crown Jewel Diffuser is inspired by a shape of Pear diamond, the most exquisite and brilliant shape. Each facet of Pear diamond is delicately and complicatedly cut to reflect the light and create the most sparkling aura to all viewers. It is widely used on an engagement ring representing the endless love and providing a droplet of eternally happiness to our beloved ones.

With this elegant and luxurious look, Bath & Bloom has perfectly applied to humidifier and aroma diffuser to create a unique home scent and luxurious display to your stylish living. Your room will be filled with scented aroma together with steam moisture providing you a comfy ambience. Let Bath & Bloom bring you an ecstasy of living indulgence and celebrate a glamorous life everyday. Use Bath & Bloom's aroma oil with the crown jewel.

The Crown Jewel can ease familiar problems caused by dry indoor air. Dry sinuses, bloody noses and cracked lips. It can also help ease symptoms of a cold or another respiratory condition with use of essential oil.