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Bath and Bloom

En Toute Saison Mars Room Fragrance Spray 100ml

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Bath & Bloom En Toute Saison Collection has been created from the belief that happiness can happen in every month. Everything around us can create happiness to our mind. Even though today you feel happy, depressed or lonely, finally the happiness will return to your mind. So, Bath & Bloom has created 12 different scents presenting the ambience of nature in each month of a year. Moreover, when we think of fragrance, France will be the first showing up in our mind. Hence, the 12 different scents of Bath & Bloom are inspired by a countryside of France that allow us to visualize the changes over time in a year. People there also have a simple life but comfortable and happy.

Applicable to spray approximately 50 meters away from eg. room curtain, as a pillow mist, as a parfume.

The lightly breeze in spring season is coming, the fresh and clean scent from Grass, Olive and Fig creates the comfortable atmosphere and is able to relax your mind to be ready for every working day --- MARS