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Hysses Home Scent Reed Diffuser Refill 500ml

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1) Home Scent Reed Diffuser Eucalyptus Rosemary

This scent earns a spot in your room for its light herby tones, and its fresh and invigorating presence.

2) Home Scent Reed Diffuser Lavender

Lavender is one of nature blessings- a full, floral scent which is universally well-loved, and truly calming for the body and mind.

3) Home Scent Reed Diffuser Lemongrass

Fill your space with the unmistakably energising scent of crisp, aromatic lemongrass that many have come to love.

4) Home Scent Reed Diffuser Bergamot Geranium

The citrus notes of bergamot and sweet geranium blend well for an uplifting and refreshing scent.

5) Home Scent Reed Diffuser Bergamot Frankincense

Bergamot : A greenish oil with extremely rich, sweet-fruity top note and a herbaceous balsamic body note oil. Known for its cooling and warming potential, Bergamot is described as an relaxing, restoring and calming oil. With Bergamot's antidepressant properties, the oil enhance the circulation of energy and helps with sleep disturbances and anxiety. Its refreshing, fruity but gentle floral aroma give the surrounding a sedative and yet uplifting feel.

Frankincense : Recommended for alleviating anxiety, nervous tension and stress-related conditions, it helps to cease mental chatter and stilling the mind. The fresh, musty pine with citrusy spicy undertone notes evolves a sense of tranquility and peace and were used historically as aromatic incense in ancient civilisations. Other than helping stress relief, several research groups have found promising results in Frankincense performance against specific types of cancer cells in laboratory studies. With its effective antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, Frankincense is often use as a natural cleaning agents for homes to eliminate cold and flu germs.

Notable for its high and low citrus notes, this is a sophisticated scent that keeps you wanting more.

6) Home Scent Reed Diffuser Bergamot Sandalwood

Experience the soothing power of Bergamot's relaxation and anxiety-reducing properties, while Sandalwood's calming quality embraces your senses. Let the refreshing fruity notes of bergamot envelop your space, reducing stress while improving your mood. Meanwhile, Sandalwood's serene aroma uplifts your mood, while enhancing concentration and purifying your body and mind.

7) Home Scent Reed Diffuser Geranium Rosemary

Unleash the power of nature in your home! Indulge your senses with the rosy-sweet and herbaceous aroma of Geranium, promoting emotional stability and relaxation. Combined with Rosemary, renowned for boosting memory and repelling insects, this diffuser is your secret weapon for a tranquil and sharp mind. Elevate your ambience with this unique blend—fresh, soothing, and brimming with benefits!

A beautiful scent is a self-expression that makes a statement of a love for discreet refinement.

Pour the home scent refill into the vase or diffuser.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep away from smoke and flame. Do not place the diffuser near any plastic surfaces, e.g. car console.

Diffuser oil contains pure essential oils, and is incompatible with plastic surfaces. All essential oils are extracted from plants and may contain natural sediments. Colour of oil may vary due to different harvests and does not affect product quality."