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Hysses Room Scent 165ml

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1) Room Scent Bergamot Geranium
The citrus notes of bergamot and sweet geranium blends well for an uplifting and refreshing scent

2) Room Scent Eucalyptus Rosemary
This scent earns a spot in your room for its light herby tones, and its fresh and invigorating presence.

3) Room Scent Lavender Chamomile
Unmistakably a sign of nature's blessings - Lavender and Chamomile blends for a full, floral scent well-loved, and truly calming for the body and mind.

4) Room Scent Lemongrass
Fill your space with the unmistakably energizing scent of crisp, aromatic lemongrass that many have come to love.

5) Room Scent Peppermint
The addition of ginger eases the minty intensity of peppermint to a wonderfully enticing and refreshing scent.

6) Room Scent Lavender Hinoki

Japanese Hinoki wood is superbly combined with French Lavender for a scent that you'll find deeply comforting.

7) Room Scent Plum Yuzu

This vibrant citrusy floral creation is inspired by the taste of the Plum Wine (Umeshu). Using Japanese Yuzu as the heart of the blend, the citrusy element is elevated with the floral plumy blends of various floral essential oils. Other than its powerful antioxidants properties, Yuzu is known for its soothing effects which aid in tension and anxiety reduction. In a study of 20 women who inhaled Yuzu for 10 minutes, the results showed a decrease in stress markers, mood disturbance, tension and anger for 30 minutes.

8) Room Scent Vanilla Sandalwood

Sandalwood forms a perfect pair when it comes to antidepressants and plays an important role in the holistic healing of both body and mind. Used as skincare, they are great anti-inflammatory agents to provide relief from insect bites and protect skin against free radicals.  

Room sprays are fuss-free solutions for refreshing a space instantly.
Instant scent diffusion
No electricity source needed
No maintenance
Scent Intensity: Strong
Scent Longevity: Short

Spray directly to air to instantly refresh the atmosphere.

Do not use near an open flame. Avoid spraying near or above furniture with plastics, lacquered wood, or painted surfaces. If that occurs, clean the surface with tissue or cloth immediately. External use only.