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To Be Calm

Just Be - Lemongrass & Citrus Lime - Reed Diffuser 200ml

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Feel calmer with this delightful blend of uplifting Lemongrass & Citrus Lime, known since ancient times to renew energy in rooms.

A great diffuser to have going at anytime. With the freshness of the Lemongrass makes for an interesting aromatic experience. This is a lovely fragrance to have anywhere in the house. Uplifting and comforting.

Fragrance: A refreshing fragrance with the familiar robust fragrance of lemongrass made more interesting and rounded with the injection of citrus and lime.

At To Be Calm we are committed to creating an optimal state of mind through the thoughtful use of fragrance and nourishing body products. Whether it be to energise, relax, sleep or simply surround yourself with delightful fragrances to soothe the soul. Enjoy.

'Now and then its good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy'. - Guillaume Apollinaire

Long lasting 2 to 2.5 months
Made in Australia
Great gift for the home or office