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Madera SG


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  • Comes in 4 different fragrances
  • Choose from Exotic Roses; Citrus Orange and Fruity Cranberry; French Lavender; and Sweet Vanilla
  • Estimated 50grams ea
  • Made in Thailand

How to use potpourri?

  • Pour potpourri into a small zip lock bag. Drip in a few drops of essential / aroma oil. Shake it.
  • Leave it alone for 5mins.
  • Pour out the potpourri in a small dish for use in your living hall or room.
  • Later when the mix begins to lose its scent, do likewise by adding a few drops of essential oil or aroma oil for a desirable effect
  • To chase away insects from a musty/ mouldy closet.
  • Essential / aroma oils can mirror the ingredients of your potpourri, like a rose, lavender, or citrus.