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Yankee Candle

Wall Plug in Diffusers - Signature Wave (Fragrance ScentPlug are sold separately)

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Signature Wave Pattern Scentplug Diffuser

This design in ‘Signature Wave’ is a pale turquoise colour with embossed waves meaning that your scent plug blends in and compliments any room décor! So you can put it anywhere in any room you choose, be it the bedroom, bathroom or living room.

Providing up to 30 days of authentic Yankee Candle fragrance, with three intensity settings for a customisable experience, the Yankee Candle ScentPlug is ready to fragrance any room.

Burn Time: Up to 30 days of fragrance with each ScentPlug Fragrance Refill (Fragrance sold separately).

Combine with your favorite ScentPlug refill (sold separately). Enjoy authentic true-to-life Yankee Candle fragrance 24/7! Such a convenient way to have room filling, continuous home fragrance in multiple designs and locations. Use only with properly functioning 230-volt electrical outlets. Use only with Yankee Candle electric home fragrance unit refills.